Welcome to part 2 of this series, after we applied in our previous post(here) the Linear Regression method, it’s time now for a new method called K-Means Clustering.

K-Means Clustering:

K-Means is a classification or grouping method, imagine that you own a retail or a wholesale company with many products and this company has lots of customers(more than 1000)and you decide to group the customers into 4 groups depending on their purchase of the company’s major 4 or 5 products, maybe to give each group a different discount amount. …

In this series, I will be presenting different Machine Learning Methods by applying them to Excel to make them easier to understand…

Of course, when we say data mining which means those methods are applied to Big Data by using a computer program developed for example by Python or R language that reads huge data stored in several databases, we might apply those concepts by coding those ideas in a program in future posts.

This series is meant for beginners in data mining with medium skills in excel.

Our first method to be discussed is Linear Regression:

Linear Regression is…

Worried if someone at your home or office is using a USB Storage device to transfer your data? In order to track if there is any activity follow those steps:

1- Enable the USB Logging option by accessing the Event Viewer:

a- Click on the Start Menu, Type Event Viewer

b-Expand Applications and Services Logs

c- Expand Microsoft/Windows/DriverFrameworks-UserMode/ and click on Operational

d- Right-click Operational on the menu click Enable Log, this will enable the logging in the Operational folder.

2- Now After you insert the USB open the Operational Folder and see the logs as below:

In our last article, we discussed how the EAN13 barcode works and how the information is stored in it, now we will discuss the basics of a new type of scannable image called QR code(matrix barcode or two-dimensional barcode)

QR Code abbreviation is (quick response code), introduced in the automotive industry in Japan in 1994, it gained its reputation outside the industry due to its fast readability and its storage capacity compared to other barcodes.

1- Types of Qr Code:

There are many types of Qr codes we will mention some :

a- QR Code Model 1 and 2: Model 1 is the original Qr…

What’s inside the Barcode?

Barcodes are everywhere, we encounter them on nearly every product that we see, have you ever wondered how it works?

There are many types of Barcodes Code 39, Code 128, UPC, EAN… all of them works the same manner but has different design and decompiled by the barcode scanners in different ways.

In this article, we’re gonna take an example of the EAN13 barcode.

EAN stands for ( European Article Number) and 13 cause it contains 13 numbers and it has the following format:

Here’s an example for a Context Menu on an EditText:

Let’s say you want to popup a context menu while the user long click on an EditText (or any view) here are the steps that you need to take:

First, you have to pass the view through the registerForContextMenu(View view) function:

Now you have to override the function onCreateContextMenu(
menu: ContextMenu?, v: View?, menuInfo: ContextMenu.ContextMenuInfo?) by hitting ctrl+o and search for it, next we need to add the menuItems to the menu as below :

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