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  • Ahmad Kazimi

    Ahmad Kazimi

    Turning pizza and coffee into magic, also called Android apps.

  • Keith Chen

    Keith Chen

    NFT Artist, Photographer, Runner, Hiker, and World Traveler. Took photos from 50+ cities globally.

  • Yexi Yuan

    Yexi Yuan

    Business Intelligence Analyst for Direct-to-Consumer products.

  • Let The Data Confess

    Let The Data Confess

    Understand | Learn | Code | Implement

  • Richard Farnworth

    Richard Farnworth

    Data scientist, computer programmer and all-round geek with 10 years of using data in finance, retail and legal industries. Based in Adelaide, Australia.

  • Sheetal


    Your Smile Specialist.. love to make people happy 😁❣️ Learning Programming 👩‍💻

  • Kay Jan Wong

    Kay Jan Wong

    Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Programmer | Someone who loves coding, and believes coding should make our lives easier

  • Kizo Africa

    Kizo Africa

    We Accelerate Africa’s Abundance by Empowering the Youth to Thrive in the Disruptive Digital Era.

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